Podcast coming soon

Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of the book so far. The book was phase one of this project, and I’m setting up for phase two. Taking the Oath Podcast will cover the book topics through interviews with warfighter’s from every branch of service. How hard is BUD/s, Ranger School, Flight School? What’s the wash out rate? What’s are false truths recruiters tell? Is the military becoming to PC? Are deployments too long? Do troops have the equipment they need to succeed? You will hear from Army & Navy Special Forces, Aviators, Surface Warfare Officers, Intelligence Specialist, Marine Infantry, Doctors/Corpsman, Search and Rescue, and much more. Each interviewee will be asked the same initial 10-15 questions so listeners will have a baseline for comparison, but after that it’s weapons free to ask anything. I’d like to ask questions that you guys/girls have so please post on Facebook or takingtheoathbook.com.

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