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If you’ve made it this far it means you’ve read my book, or plan on ordering it soon. First and foremost I want to say thanks for listening to what I have to say, and deciding to follow up on the questions you have regarding joining the military, or being new to the military. Everyone who’s joined the military stood where you stand right now. You don’t have all the answers and it scares you. You want to ask questions, but don’t want to look dumb. Maybe you’re a parent who’s kid shows no interest in school and you think the military might be a good fit. Maybe you’re a young adult who is considering joining, but doesn’t have a mentor to help guide you. Whoever you are, let me be your mentor, and let this website/blog guide you to answers. I’m ready to help you on your journey to joining the military, and assist in navigating your way through the first few years.

Podcast Ep.4 is live!

What a pleasure to have good friend and fellow veteran Lieutenant Commander Philip Cook on Taking The Oath Podcast. Philip and I met at Officer Candidate School, which was over a decade ago. Time flies, but to us it’s like no time has passed. Philip has flown missions all over the world, and we talked about how he got here from his humble beginnings in a blue collar family, college, and working at Enterprise rental car. Spoiler alert….he didn’t like it! This episode has all the elements to help young adults considering the military see what they can achieve if they stay humble, be their best self, and are determined to succeed.

Enlisted vs Officer Podcast is live!

Taking the Oath podcast Ep. 3 is now available on iTunes and So many people have asked me if they should enlist or join the military as an officer, and the answer is never a simple one. In this episode we explore the difference between the two by looking at: academic requirements, lifestyle differences, duties and responsibilities, and of course…paycheck size. Please pass this episode along to anyone you know who is considering joining the military, or anyone enlisted looking to become and officer.

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Self publishing a book has been a huge learning curve. Writing the book was only half the battle. Figuring out advertising and marketing has been a new challenge. The book has sold over 100 copies and I am thankful for everyone who’s purchased a book or visited the website. Don’t for get that you can email me personally at if you have any questions.

Podcast coming soon

Thanks to everyone who purchased a copy of the book so far. The book was phase one of this project, and I’m setting up for phase two. Taking the Oath Podcast will cover the book topics through interviews with warfighter’s from every branch of service. How hard is BUD/s, Ranger School, Flight School? What’s the wash out rate? What’s are false truths recruiters tell? Is the military becoming to PC? Are deployments too long? Do troops have the equipment they need to succeed? You will hear from Army & Navy Special Forces, Aviators, Surface Warfare Officers, Intelligence Specialist, Marine Infantry, Doctors/Corpsman, Search and Rescue, and much more. Each interviewee will be asked the same initial 10-15 questions so listeners will have a baseline for comparison, but after that it’s weapons free to ask anything. I’d like to ask questions that you guys/girls have so please post on Facebook or

What can I ask here?

Anything really. Just be polite/respectful and leave your politics at the door. I assume most questions are going to come from people who are considering joining the military, but I welcome questions from people who are active duty, reservist, or civilian. I might not have the answer to your specific question, but if it’s military related, I can find someone who does. The blog is all about developing a community where people can ask questions and get the answers they need, so go ahead and fire away.

LCDR Jeffrey Miller, USN

Lieutenant Commander Jeffrey M. Miller is a highly decorated naval aviator who hails from Orange Beach, Alabama. His awards include two Combat Air Medals, Navy Commendation Medal, two Navy Achievement Medals, Navy Unit Commendation, Meritorious Unit Commendation, and various others awards. He currently resides in Jacksonville, FL with his wife Katherine Miller, and daughter Charlotte.